Our work comprises both principal and incidental demands of the reorganization processes.

  Our Law firm operates in the reorganization of companies, both in the sponsorship of the debtor's interests or in the interests of creditors. To be up to the task we count on the participation of our members, whose studies, research and experience allow an efficient performance throughout the procedure, resulting in the adoption of the appropriate strategy to the case.

 From the point of view of the debtor’s interests and any interested partner or investor, the work undertaken in this area of activity can be summarized as:


a) assistance to reorganization proceedings and incident demands, planning and executing all necessary acts, including appeals and defense in judicial recovery of debts;


b) legal advice on debt negotiation and preparation of the reorganization plan;


c) legal assistance in the implementation of strategies to restructure the company;


d) legal assistance in negotiating with new partners and investors.

  From the point of view of the creditor’s interests, we do a careful analysis of judicial recovery processes underway, and a careful monitoring procedure. We also carry out negotiations in order to get the best satisfaction of their credit..