Identification of appropriate procedures for commercial operations in the area and representation in cases involving the mining sector..

  The mining sector in Brazil has very specific rules and their efficient operation requires careful consideration: both the owner of the land where the mine is in and the one who researches or explores the mine are subjected to a series of regulations which govern the relations between them and their relation with the Government.


  Many are the problems that can appear in these relations, from the research or exploration authorization by the Government, with all the permits needed, to the phase of research or exploration in other people’s land. Thus, dispute prevention provided by a well done consultative activity is very important.


  Another important aspect is the environmental regulation of the sector, which involves environmental licensing, the environmental compensation phase and environmental/social problems that can arise from the relations with the Government and with the adjacent communities. In this specific area, dispute prevention is also essential.


  When the mining activity is on, another sort of issues emerge from the contracts with different service providers with very specific functions and special equipment suppliers.


  Our activities are focused on assisting the entrepreneur in the industry in its various legal developments: investments, environmental issues, regulatory issues, contracts and litigation.