In 2012 a project was born: to change the standard work model of law firms that, although capable of selecting, hiring or associating with people that have vocation and interest in intellectual and qualified scientific activity, exposes them to truly industrial work routines. We understand the existence of a deadlock: people work to learn, not always learning how to work though.


Based on previous experience of some members of this project – which is the regular experience on the massified legal services market in capital cities – it was clear that many professionals are faced with the challenge to

balance the research, technical or scientific development on one side, and the practical work demanded on the other.


Our project, in a practical manner, studies the movements and indexes of the use of work hours and their correlation with the associate’s capacity to deliver high-added value technical solutions. A more effective and rational work model. Altogether, the working hours of a lawyer should be customized; i.e., the research activity should not be separated from the applied activity. After all, for everyone, the day only lasts 24 hours.


So the project of our office is

born, which allows each one to give their best on their professional practice, without having to give up their academic dedication. An optimized balance rises. As a result, the client is well served and the constant updating of our associates is preserved.



Bergamaschi and Bozzo Law Firm is indeed a young office. It was founded in 2012. It did not start from scratch, though.


By that time we already had skilled lawyers that knew from the beginning what to do and we also had demand. As an example, in our first year we already had as a client one of the biggest reorganization processes in Brazil, a company with a debit in order of a billion reais (which was equal to five hundred million dollars, back in 2012).


The Law Firm is based on certain premises, concepts and circumstances, which shape our structure in order to provide our clients with an excellent service. In our opinion, an excellent service is provided through the effective control of legal knowledge and by building a tailor-made plan that is individualized for each client.


The building process of this plan includes studying, evaluating and designing the legal service platform that will be used to provide the services in the consulting and/or litigation area that the client needs.


The premises of our firm include the integration of professionals, who besides enjoying the (well done) lawyer activity in the daily life, are researchers at the university and also are presently associated with law teaching activities in universities.


This premise comes from the idea that only university degrees, such as master's and doctorate, when dissociated from permanent research do not correspond properly to our goal.​


Another mandatory premise is that every member must effectively dominate (in an advanced level) a language other than English and her or his own native language, or, at least, we provide means and demand the members to develop this ability.


We also plan together and support our members aim on postgraduate studies (general or specific) in foreign universities that have a respectable international recognition.


About our concepts of work: It is based on the technical alliances with other law firms and consulting firms focused on a specific knowledge (for which the partners are chosen based on their competence), under the solid joint venture format, in the form of direct or indirect management of the outsourcing.


It means that we do not repeat structures that in the market of law firms, in many cases, generate more costs than solutions.


When necessary, we also can count on the temporary integration of Professors and Experts to which we have access by our personal network and by 



the daily contact of each member with the University of Sao Paulo and with their teachers.


We also support the production of academic research inside our office. In fact, many of our cases have brought us themes that ended up becoming scientific-research articles.


In this context, we have developed research in the area of ​​civil and administrative proceedings (that are particularly important in the Brazilian legal system) as well as in the area of ​​public and private contracts, including regulatory legislation and reorganizations.


At last, some circumstances are in favor of the development of our activities.


The first of them is the fact that the Law Firm is based in São Paulo, a twenty million people Metropole that centralizes a good share of the industry and some of the big economic agents in our country.


The second circumstance is that we can count with good technical alliances to assist in cases going on the federal court of law and the federal constitutional court, both based in Brasilia.