We operate in judicial cases through all instances, focusing on an effective solution by a lawsuit. To achieve this objective, we maintain a daily monitoring of the process and an effective contact with the customer, so we know the best procedural strategy to take.

  Our practice in civil litigation has two main streams: the fine civil procedure practice, with an effective solution to disputes by a lawsuit, and its combination with negotiation techniques to achieve the desired result.


    We maintain a careful oversight and a close contact with the customer to deliver the best performance. We also monitor and advise our clients in negotiations, planning carefully how to resolve the dispute.


    The Civil Law litigation model goes through a change on its approach in recent times. The configuration of the demands brought before the Courts today needs to consider the practical effectiveness of judicial decisions, and their usefulness for the one participating in a dispute. We also resort to consensual mechanisms that can help on achieving the client's interests at a lower cost and in less time.